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Studio 1

Studio One -  Now a bigger open space with a 12ft Perforated screen with High-def projection. The projector is powered by a 'Virtual VTR' based system offering the artist the choice of cues, via wipe or beeps with a multitude of customisation options.
The room is ideal for recording crowd loop sessions and can comfortably accommodate up to 6 artists.

We have recorded tens of thousands of loops, for many major TV series' and features alike and have received excellent results. The room is backed by high quality DACs and a selection of high-end TL-Audio pre-amps with a wide choice of microphones.

Source Connect - Certified Facility
Studio One has been finely tuned to work reliably well with remote session's;  We've always run tests prior to the actual session and use a combination of finely tweaked session templates to utilising Source Connect on a dedicated fibre connection. We've been a Source Connect user since the beginning and were one of the first companies in the UK to embrace the technology. 
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